What is Pain Management ?

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What is Pain Management ?

Even though pain is a good sign when perceived as a symptom of certain diseases in the body, it is mostly a feeling that we want to get rid of and badly affect our daily lives.

Pain affects the patient physically, emotionally and psychologically as well as creating emotional and social problems amongst their loved ones. Pain is not a sole stimulant. On the contrary, it is a complicated perception including previous experiences.

Pain involves deep emotional and cognitive features in addition to the sensual conductors such as the location, type, severeness. It is an undesired feeling that makes the patient uncomfortable and uneasy the moment it starts.

A better diagnosis and analysis of this complicated structure is crucial regarding the correct treatment planning and success of this treatment. We offer treatments of following medical or invasive types of pain under this discipline at out clinic:

Acute pain, chronic pain, inflammatory pain, neuropathic pain, cancer pain, musculoskeletal pain, peripheral and santral pain, complex regional pain syndromes, migraine and other headaches, persistent postoperative pain, lower back pain.

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ağrı Yönetimi

Neuropathic Pain

If the pain is not thoroughly treated, even if the causing factor is disappeared, it may turn into a whole system that cause even more severe pain. Neuropathic pain is characterized with burning and their treatments are tricky.

Inflammatory Pain

Inflammatory pain is characterized with inflammation and requires systematic approach. It is often seen in large joints like waist, hips, knees (such as ankylosing spondylitis, sacroiliitis, temporal mandibular joint pain)

Migraine and Headaches

Head, neck and upper back pain are all gathered under “headaches”. Being one of the most common pain complaints, there are various types of headaches. Therefore, it is quite possible to misdiagnose the accurate reason of the headache you may be experiencing. But it is of extreme importance to accurately evaluate for better timing and success of the treatment.

Cancer Pain

Cancer related pain is one of the hardest symptoms of the disease. They might be highly severe and long term. It can ruin the psychological condition of the patient and lower the quality of life of the patient who is already going through a tough process.In such a condition, relieving their pain and supporting their general condition will be of great help for their battle with the disease.

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ağrı Yönetimi

Acute Pain

Acute pain starts suddenly and usually feels sharp which requires accurate treatment. Otherwise, it might become chronic and more difficult to treat.

Chronic Pain

Chronic pain is ongoing pain that lasts at least six months even if various treatments are applied. Their treatment might be tricky which requires holistic approach.