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What is age management?

The purpose of Age Management is to make you healthy, energetic and fit through the health of your cells without feeling the effects of aging, the life and negative environmental conditions.

Do you feel and see the traces of years?

Hormonal and metabolic changes starting by the end of our twenties deeply affect our lives and health. These changes also affect the pace of aging, as well.

Hormonal optimization and metabolic balance

Even if diet, exercise, low-stress lifestyle are at ideal state, there will still be a certain decrease in hormones as we age. Because either hormone producing cells in your body are dying or enzymes that transfer cells into hormones are working less effectively.

Aiming for cell health

Health of cells, the smallest unit of the body, means overall health regarding holistic approach. Healthy mitochondria, the energy source of the cell, result in a more efficient functioning of other organelles. While reducing the formation of free radicals in mitochondria, the body needs enough antioxidants intake, too.

Yaş Yönetimi
Yaş Yönetimi

Nutrition and supporting treatments

Nutrients form the building blocks of all the cells in our body. Hormone production and optimal effects of it on the body are only possible through certain foods and nutritions.Deficiency must be supplied with supporting form through the deficiencies.


Environmental pollution, polluted air, water, foods, light and rays caused by industrial world adversely affect us and intoxicate us more and more each day. To fight this, you must strengthen defence systems of the body and detoxify.

Having a controlled, good shape

Certain exercises can help preventing degeneration.

Adjusting lifestyle

Stress and sleep quality have key roles in hormone levels. Sleep deprivation and chronic stress (physical or mental) increase fat accumulation and levels of some hormones that cause diseases (insulin and cortisol).

Yaş Yönetimi